How to Pick the Best Dog Leash for Everyday Use or Training

Choosing a dog leash may seem like an enormous job with the many options available today. It was much simpler when there were only one or two to choose from, but today we have so many options. You want a leash that won’t hurt your dog or leave dog ear mites and will suit the purpose you need it for. You also want one that is sturdy and will cope with an active and chewy dog. So, today we want to share a few tips on how to pick the best leash for your dog.


  1. Keep the purpose in mind – The leash you buy will depend heavily on what you want to do with it. You will need a different kind of leash for training than for walking. You can ask your local vet which ones they have in stock and make a decision. Generally, a longer and sturdier leash will be needed for outside walking or running than for in-house training.
  2. Choose the right material – Some dogs like to chew their leashes and they will soon damage it and make it unusable. If your dog is a chewer, consider a chain leash. However, make sure that the chain leash does not hurt your dog and that he doesn’t chew the chain and damage his teeth.
  3. Keep your budget in mind – You don’t need to buy the most expensive leash. Lower end leashes are often just as good and sturdy as the higher end with brand names. If you can find a leash that is strong and the length you want, buy it even if it is less expensive. The most important thing is your dog’s safety and that he doesn’t get injured.
  4. Have a backup leash – In case the leash gets lost or your dog chews it, always have a backup on hand. You can even buy two different kinds of leashes to alternate for different purposes. That way you will always have one handy for your dog’s daily walk.

A leash is an important item for any dog owner. Our dogs need fresh air and exercise and some breeds require training to be social. Make sure you buy the right leash for the different purposes and always keep your dog’s safety and health in mind.


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