Best Dog Dental Chews and Treats: How to Choose the Right One

Dental chews and treats are great for your dog’s oral health. We all know they chew and eat anything and that they’re not always so keen on brushing teeth. Dental chews and treats are ideal for any dog no matter their size. All dogs need some chew toys that can help clean their teeth and keep it strong. We have looked at a few different chews and treats and came up with a list of top products. Here are our favorites.


Pupper Nutter Dental Chews – Pupper Nutters are our chew bone of choice. It is made by N-Bone. It is peanut butter flavored and has all the good stuff your dog needs. Some of its ingredients include omega-3 fatty acids. It also has no added sugar or salt and is wheat-free. It is a healthy and very chewable bone for your dog.

Dent Treats by Clenz A – This is a great product to help get rid of tar and biofilm gathering on your dog’s teeth. As he chews the treat, it cleans the teeth and loosens and gets rid of any build-up. Its magic ingredient is called RF2 and helps with your dog’s dental health.

Greenies (Highly Recommended By eHome Remedies !) – These treats are shaped like toothbrushes which allow them to perform the dental hygiene job more efficiently. This product is nice and chewy and has a bit of an abrasive texture to help get rid of plaque. It is made from soy and wheat protein and easily digestible by your dog. They contain a lot of protein to boost your dog’s diet.

Bonies – These are made from only natural products and contain no saturated fat or trans-fats. It is the best natural dog treat on the market. It is healthy and has no negative side effects for your dog. It improves dental health by cleaning away plaque and while freshening your dog’s breath. It really is the all-in-one dental treat for your dog.

If you are looking to buy some dental chews and treats for your dog, try and find one of these choices. They are the best on the market and your dog will love them.






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